Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer! Yay!

It is officially summer now. Even though it's still pretty much spring here, and its been raining non-stop for the past two days, and it's not as warm as it was last week, but it still means that it's summer! Why? Because classes are over. Hehe. Finals pretty much devoured my soul. I'm satisfied with how they went though, and am actually looking forward to next semester.

So in celebration of finally being done with classes for the summer, I used one of my favorite polishes to do my nails FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WEEKS. It was a ridiculously long time without polish. And it felt weird. Sidenote, the nail strengthener review? Kindof bust. I used it for a week, saw no improvement, and moved on. I probably should have given it more time, but I was short on time and patience.

But wait! Which polish did you use? (You ask).

New York Color Canal Street. This is a dark burgundy with a deep red microglitter (shimmer?). It almost has a purple undertone to it, but not enough to make it readily apparent, and it looks more brown in dim lighting. Get this baby in the sun though, and it just glows. It's got that lit-from-within thing happening, and it is super gorgeous. I think dark colors look extremely chic on short nails, so this makes me feel pretty fancy.

These guys are about $2 everywhere I go, so it's pretty good quality for cheapo polish. The formula was a little thick and would get thicker the longer the bottle was open. (Annoying!) but it's totally manageable.
Yesterday I went on a pilgramage to all the Walgreens and Rite-Aids in my area in search of Milani polishes. (I'm lemming for Dress Maker and Rad Purple). Ever since I saw Rad Purple on Steph's blog from Short 'n Chic , I've been wanting it pretty badly. But alas, my pilgramage was a bust. I visited two Rite-Aid's and a Walgreens and no such luck. I don't believe Milani's distribution reaches us in the boonies out here in DENVER. (SARCASM) I did walk away with a mini-haul though. I found two brands I've never even heard of, Jesse's girl, and CQ Cosmetics.

I came home the very proud owner of a really pretty coral/pink glittery polish from Jesse's Girl, a dark teal and an olive polish from CQ, and two Wet 'n Wild's, a light pink which I'm hoping isn't sheer, and another dark ruby/burgundy color. I think I'm on a pink kick right now, which is super weird because I HATE pinks on me. They always seem boring, but both the WnW and the J'sG were calling out to me "Wini, BUY ME! I'm pretty! And you've never even heard of my brand! So BUY me!"

Yes. My bottles of polish are sentient. It's a problem.

And now I have Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield stuck in my head.

P.S. Rick Springfield is kindof creepy in this video. I especially like it when he smashes his sink mirror with his guitar. Really, who plays electric guitar in the bathroom??