Monday, December 27, 2010

I Need Courage

Non-nail related post today.

I'm very nervous for something coming up in the future. (No, not skydiving. I will never jump out of a plane. Ever). I don't want to say much about it because it's quite personal, but the entire situation has left me quite emotionally drained for over a year. I'm trying to take charge of the matter mostly because I want to find a solution to the pain both parties involved are in, and partly because I want to ease the frustration I've put myself in by keeping quiet for so long.

So I need some courage. I wish I had China Glaze's CC-Courage to put on my nails, but no such luck. I think I might do a repeat of Bermuda Breakaway since I loved it so much (I only brought 4 polishes with me on holiday. I'm finding out this was a BIG mistake.).

Please send me your best wishes! Much love :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ok, wow.
Just put up 3 of the posts from the old blog, and we have officially moved house!. Why did I change? I think I've asked this before. Wordpress was just a little hard for me to use, and this is a lot less messy somehow.

Anyways, my nails are currently bare, so I don't have anything "current" to show you, but I do have some old polishes that I photographed. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

L.A. Colors Magnetic Force.  So fun. My boyfriend complemented me on this color, which really surprised me, since I thought it was a crazy polish that I put on for fun. (plus, we were studying magnets in Physics at the time) I found this at a Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar. Awesome. Win.

Revlon Steel Her Heart. Crappy application. I got bubbles. MAD bubbles. I was really hoping to like this polish, so I think I hvae to give it another try. Maybe if I slow it down the formula will work with me...

See what I mean? MAD BUBBLES. Nasty. It looks like my thumb has warts.

This, THIS is what I was so excited about. I bought 3 China Glazes about 2 weeks ago, and REALLY wanted this color. I bought it as a consolation for not getting Dead Calm from Rescue Beauty Lounge during their sale. :C Super sad face.
But, I'm ridiculously happy I bought this one, Bermuda Breakaway, I loved it. Love love LOVE love love. It went on beautifully, and stayed beautiful. I hated taking it off.

It is now 1:42 pm and I'm STILL dressed. ACK. Yay for Christmas holdiay :) See ya!

Blue You and Candy

I know! I'm sorry! I said I would write once a week and I didn't. Sheesh...onwards!
Concerning the last color I had on, Pink 4, I took it off that next morning :( I just couldn’t stand the color on my skin! I don’t know why, but it brought out the red in my hands or something, and I didn’t want to go the entire day looking at my hands and thinking “ugh”.
Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween because I can never think of a good costume, and by the time I do think of a good one, Halloween is over. Plus, I always gorge myself on candy and feel disgusting afterwards.
BUT this year was completely different. My roommates and I held a party this year, and I went as…
Yup. Luna Lovegood! If you couldn’t tell, because I; a. do not have long blonde hair and b. do not have Hogwarts robes on. Making this costume last minute consisted of me shopping at Savers and picking up weird clothes that made no sense whatsoever together. I also bought snazzy glasses at the dollar store and punched the lenses out. Like I said, Snazzy.
Yeah, if you couldn’t tell, that’s the Quibbler that I’m reading upside down, I made it myself :D lol
The holiday that I’m always really excited for however is CHRISTMAS. I love it. I love the snow (we haven’t gotten any yet, which is odd for Colorado) I love fireplaces, I love love love! Christmas carols. And don’t get me started on egg nog. I first had it about 2 years ago with my boyfriend, and already the taste reminds me of winter.  The King Soopers down the road has already started to sell it, but I won’t buy it till after Thanksgiving.
Onto the polish.
The last time I went grocery shopping I went down the makeup aisle, which is never a good idea, and ended up leaving with two CoverGirl polishes, Blue You and Bronze Beauty. I put on Blue You for Halloween, and ended up nicking some of the nails, but it still ended up looking pretty good.
I’m showing this about 5 days after I put it on, and all I saw was tip wear. But the color! Its gorgeous, don’t you think? The formula was decent, a little thick, but its manageable. The brush drove me nuts though. Not flexible at all and I hated it. If you’re careful (I wasn’t) you can get away without any brush strokes (I didn’t).
When I went to take this off however, it did the weirdest thing, it gooped at the end of my fingers like a big stringy mess, which I’ve never had a polish do before. But I loved the color, so I can put up with the crappy brush and not entirely fabulous formula.
Rescue Beauty Lounge had a 50% off sale last Monday! Did anyone take advantage of the sale and buy anything? I did, I was able to snag up a Concrete Jungle (something I was lemming after something fierce) before it sold out. I’ll show it too you soon ;) Promise, cross my heart and kiss my elbow!
I’m off to study Statistics, which is the most horrible subject ever created, but if I pass I’ll never have to take it again so I NEED to pass! Laterzz

Testing out Urban Outfitters Pink4

Hello again! I wasn’t expecting to write so soon, but I wanted to do my nails and I wanted to show you.
A few weeks ago I went to the Urban Outfitters in town with a friend, which is normally a little pricey for me, but as my girlfriend K went to the cashier, I noticed a table of polish that i couldn’t pass up. My eyes first found a gorgeous sea foam color that I wanted, but I ended up buying a darker berry and my first nude, which I’ll have to swatch for you later.
So let me present Pink 4!
The formula was a little thick for me, but very pigmented, and it flowed relatively well on the nail. Someone with a steadier hand than me could have gotten away with 1 coat, but I had to go with two since my hands are shaky. I also like the bottle design, but the square top makes it a little hard to hold. The picture doesn’t really do the color justice at all, it’s a much deeper berry in person. I need to work on my camera skills.
I’m not sure I’m fond of the color though. Its gorgeous, but is a little dark for my hands. I also tried this on my toes as well with the same results. Maybe I’m just stuck in Spring; I want bright vibrant colors to offset the gloomy fall that seems to have hit the Denver area. (Wind gusts reached up to about 50 miles an hour today…not fun)
I also feel like it needs a classier name than “pink 4″. I mean, how boring! This is a glamorous color! It needs a name like, Katherine, or something. (I’m thinking of Katherine Hepburn, such a classy lady).
In other news, I was super productive today, and registered for Spring classes. I’m signed up for a Norse mythology course, nothing whatsoever to do with my physiology major, but I needed one of those pesky core requirements and as geeky as it sounds, I love me some mythology. I was obsessed with Egyptian and Greek mythology in elementary school.  And now I’m exhausted, and have stayed up way later than intended, especially with work at 8AM tomorrow morning. Gah say it ain’t so!


Welcome to my blog!
I recently moved from Wordpress to blogspot...don't ask me why, i just did. So, I'm reposting the first few posts from that blog to here:
My nails are, sadly, quite bare. Not the way to start a blog about nails!
(Although it does give a rather “clean slate” feel to it.)
bare nails
my crappy, bare, unclean nails with terrible cuticles
Also note, this was taken with a pretty bad quality camera phone…don’t judge

In other news, I have one physics assignment to finish, one test to study for, and a registration list to create. I register for Spring Semester classes tomorrow! Ahhh stress. And it’s only 8:30pm Denver time, woooo I’m in trouble.
Also, I wanted to state some “blog goals” if you will, so that if I ever need to refocus myself, I can remember where I was starting:
  • To post at least once a week, hopefully more!
  • Take my camera everywhere I go to take pictures so I actually have something to blog about!
  • To improve my collection, and to find those elusive colours I wasn’t expecting to love.
  • That I will actually change my nail polish! I want to be swatching at least once a week. I’m not one to leave a colour on my nails once its starts chipping, (get out the acetone! the swabs! quickly!!) but once I take it off, I leave them bare for a day or two out of laziness, and also out of fear I’ll be damaging my nails if I do it more often. I have very strong nails. They rarely chip, peel, or break, and I want to keep it that way.
So for now, goodnight, I’m going to finish my homework like the good student I am (ha!)