Friday, March 2, 2012

Cosmetic Cupcake Giveaway

I  also wanted to let you guys know that Michelle who writes the really lovely blog Cosmetic Cupcake is celebrating her 2nd blog birthday with a giveaway!

Go here to enter and follow her blog, she always writes the loveliest posts and her nail art is always adorable. (You should also follow her on Twitter, her instagram is always popping up with fun hauls or yummy foods)

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Why hello there!
I said I would do a mascara review a while ago, but no worries, I haven't forgotten!
Last Christmas I recieved a Clinique makeup set from my lovely aunt, and it came with a full size High Impact Mascara in 01 Black. I fell in love with it, but after a few months the tube went bad and I had to toss it. Ever since then I've been making do with random mascaras and never went to get the Clinique again. 

Then one day I decided to purchase a drugstore mascara, absolutely hated the formula, and had to reason with myself to just go and get the Clinique again. It's worth it to spend the money to buy something you love and will use until its gone, right? Much better than spending your money on something you will only use once, and never again. 

It comes in a dark green tube with a metal chrome cap. The tube has a good weighty feel to it. It looks nice, and for a lack of a better word, expensive. 

The brush is also really full and large. It's not bulky, but it's long. I measured it and its just under an inch in length. It's a traditional fiber brush which feels relatively soft. Here's a close up of the bristles:

I tend to go for a more natural look in my mascara, and this isn't terribly volumizing but it does give me good length. It has a wet formula (that I like) which makes application smooth. My eyelashes don't clump or feel like little wires poking out of my face, and I've noticed that they're no longer falling out like they were with the other mascara I was using. (Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in black)
It doesn't have a strong scent normally, but it will smell like petrol when it goes bad. 

What I also love about this is that it comes off fairly easy. I usually have huge problems with waterproof mascaras, but this comes off quickly in the shower, and then I can just wash off the extra residue left under my eyelids when I wash my face. 
EDITED TO ADD: This is not a waterproof mascara, and comes off with soap and water. I don't know why I implied it was waterproof. Woops!

The thing about this mascara is that its not a wonder product. It doesn't have a magic formula or special bristles or anything, but I think that's why I like it. It works the way I want it to, and it works well. I will most likely continue to use this day after day, and will definitely repurchase when it runs out.

What mascaras are in your favorites bag? Or any other eye product that you love? I tend to avoid eye-shadows but I'm a huge fan of eyeliner, I wear it practically every day.