Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revlon Emerald City

Today's nail post is over Revlon's Emerald City. The bottle says "Matte Suede" but don't believe it. There isn't anything matte about it. I didn't get a picture of it dry without a top coat because I just couldn't stand looking at it. When it dried it almost looked like leather. Not glossy or matte, just a weird in-between that I wasn't fond of. so I put a coat of Seche Vite on top and voila! This is one beautiful polish.

In the bottle it looks almost blue-green, but on the nail it changes in the light. As I'm typing I'm sitting in low light shade, and it looks like a deep emerald, but if I get out in the sun, it turns into a glowy-green fire. The first day I wore this I thought, "Hmm, this is awfully pretty and I never wear green!". After the 4th day, I've decided that this is one of my absolute favorites. I really don't want to take it off.

WARNING: Photo of spider below!

Friday afternoon I was sitting in my room and I look out the window and see this little guy has made a web right on my window pane. I am completely freaked out by spiders, but this one didn't bother me that much. I wanted to name him Herbert, but the BF nicknamed him "Fang" and now that's stuck hahaha. He seems rather peaceful. 

Right now I'm on a plane travelling to Ohio, where my extended family lives. I'm very excited to see them again, and it's always a lot of fun so I'll try to take a lot of photos :) Of course I'm auto-posting this entry, so I'm technically writing this the day before! Have a great Tuesday everyone :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

This is a Wet 'n Wild from their "Fast Dry" Collection. These are slightly more expensive than the regular WnW, but still pretty cheap. I thought I would really like this polish, but in reality I hated it. The brush was horrible and made application difficult. The polish itself was very goopy and thick, so my coats were really thick.

Glittergasm. Seriously, it's like a blue unicorn threw up on my nails. Taking this polish off was ridiculously difficult because of all the glitter, and in my opinion, this was just really tacky. Long story short, not a fan and I will be trying to find a better home for this bugger.

In other news, I will be traveling to Ohio soon, and I realized that you cannot put Nail Polish remover in a smaller, cheaper bottle. The acetone will not only eat away the plastic bottle, but also the ziplock bag the bottle was in, and any other plastic lying around before it evaporates and leaves a very weird, melted-plastic-smell in your bag. Disaster. 

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

ULTA Grin & Berry It

Last Christmas I went out with my mum to Ulta, and picked up this sassy bottle of Ulta's Grin & Berry It.

It's much pinker in the photos than it is in real life, but this was a truly jewel toned berry. Although it complemented my skin tone, it did absolutely nothing for me. I didn't like it at all, which is kindof sad. :( Don't get me wrong, I think its really pretty, but it's not my style.

The "check engine" light went on in my car this morning, which is a pain. It did this last summer and it ended up being because my gas was evaporating slightly in the heat. Hopefully that's what the problem is now. I'm going to take it over to the car place later today to see if they can run a diagnostics on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's nothing expensive! :/

Happy Friday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Sugar Coat

We went to go see the last Harry Potter movie Friday night (D:). It was absolutely awesome. Alan Rickman's acting was incredible, and I'm really glad I took so many tissues with me to the theatre. I was a wet, sobbing mess. I did have a few issues with the movie though, mostly because it moved at such a frantic pace the entire time. I feel like it would be better viewed right after Deathly Hallows Part 1. Other than that, it was made of awesome sauce, and I can't wait to read the books all over again.

Anyways, on to the polish. This is Wet 'n Wild Sugar Coat, a color that I was afraid was going to be too sheer to wear. But, as you can see, it wasn't!

This is a soft baby pink that I adore. It almost looks white in the photos but it's really just a soft pink. It's totally not me at all, but I am loving it. This took two coats and there were still small bald patches on some nails but I really didn't care enough to do a third. I actually wore this twice in a row because I was so crazy about the color. 

Not much else to say today!

Friday, July 8, 2011

CQ Slate

This is CQ Cosmetics Slate. This is one of those cheap drugstore finds I told you about awhile ago. I decided to wear it when my roommates went to the bar a few weeks ago, so this was a very last minute manicure and I didn't get photos until the next day.

A super pretty teal that is extremely dark and very pigmented. I LOVE the color! Unfortunately, this wore horribly, it flooded my cuticles and gave me smurf hands when I tried to remove it even though I was careful. And when I say it wore horribly, I mean it was god-awful. I had a huge chip come off when I was getting breakfast the next morning. LAME.

It is ridiculously hot outside right now, which is why I'm very glad to be inside my air conditioned office most of the time. It's so hot and humid that my hair is doing this stupid frizzy thing, and I was so desperate for a hair tie that I had to resort to using a rubber band and bobby pin, and I really hate using rubber bands in my hair :(

So it's Friday! Do you all have special plans?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fame is for the Famous

It's Thursday! Which means, only one more day to the weekend :D
I've been searching for a replacement for my favorite nude/beige poilsh, which is an Urban Outfitters polish called Nude 4. Essence Walk of Fame was (I thought) going to be a good replacement. Sadly, I was wrong.

I haven't posted Nude 4 yet, but it looks nothing like Walk of Fame.

This is an almost cement meets purple meets grunge color. It was definitely interesting, but to be honest I really hated it on me. It brought out the brown undertones in my knuckles so my hands almost always looked dirty, like I had been gardening or playing in the dirt. I couldn't wait to get it off, so I started peeling it off the polish in chunks...which was not a pretty look.

It was the BF's 21st birthday last night, so we went to this grungy bar near my apartment and had the most delicious burgers and beer. I wish I had gotten pictures :( I need to start bringing my camera with me places. He was so hungry that when I set the burgers down and sat down across from him, I looked up and he had eaten half of his burger in one bite hahaha.

Its a beautiful day outside :) Get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Essie Lapis of Luxury

Happy 4th of July!
Good gracious I've been gone a long time. My work schedule is weird, I don't work until 12-5pm, so I feel really sluggish when I get home and don't feel like doing anything. This leads to snacking and watching TV, which perpetuates the sluggish cycle.

But I have been painting my nails and have some photos for you :)

Essie Lapis of Luxury. This is a super smooth, really lovely cornflower blue, and I loved it. The night I put it on I was so-so about it, and then when I woke up in the morning I was like, "What was I thinking? This is gorgeous!" It stayed on forever too. My nails were still nice looking way after I was sick of the color.

I'm writing this from the BF's house which is ungodly hot. He's measuring his window for an AC window unit as we speak; I think the heat is getting to him too. We would have gone swimming today if I hadn't forgotten my swimsuit. :(

In other news, my bottle of Seche Vite is dying on me D: It's gotten to the point where I have to tip the bottle to get more top coat on the brush, and it's starting to get super stringy. I think it's time to either buy a new bottle or get the Seche Restore to salvage it.
I've considered trying a new type of top coat, but I've really gotten used to Seche and I think I've figured out how to make it work even when it's a stubborn brat.

So I've completely forgotten to mention fireworks or anything of the sort. Are you guys doing anything special? Me, the BF are going out to watch the fireworks from our friend's deck later tonight. I'm super excited because I don't remember doing anything fun for Independence Day last year.  Have fun guys!