Friday, July 27, 2012

home sweet home

Halloo there!
We're now happy and settled in our new Austin home! We found a nice little 2nd-floor walk up and things went much more smoothly than I anticipated. Here are some photos of move in:

I had no idea moving could be so stressful. My father was military so we moved a lot during my childhood, but being responsible for an entire move was more than I could have imagined it to be. Now my house is normal and happy and I'm so glad to be done with it. We've already started discussing another move after our lease ends in this apartment, but I don't know if I can handle it!

Unfortunately we're still sleeping without a bed frame. We decided to stain it and then things started piling up, and the frame got put to the wayside. it's still tucked away in our storage unit on the patio! So floor it is.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our move!

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