Monday, November 5, 2012

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire AKA Amazeballs

Ah, I'm back! I took an impromptu break and didn't mean to stay away so long!

I've got something super fun and awesome to show you:
Max Factor Fantasy Fire.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Clarins 230 dupe

This was released in the UK back in the spring, and in an instant a lemming was born. I was ridiculously upset that I wouldn't be able to buy this in the States, but I was determined to get my hands on it, so a few months ago I bought it off a very nice seller on ebay for a pretty reasonable price.

I die.

I've layered 2 coats of Fantasy Fire over Revlon Royal. The VNL is completely unnoticeable in real life, I don't know why my camera does that. And I did get some minor shrinkage because I think I waited too long to put on the top coat.

But wow. It is just so goddamn pretty.

Using my camera flash helped bring out some of the orange/purple shimmer:

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Clarins 230 dupe

Getting it at an angle to show you the color-shift was a little difficult, but it's there.  :3

Max Factor Fantasy Fire swatch Clarins 230 dupe

Just awesome. I'm so so happy I grabbed this when I could. It's an instant mood-lifter.

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  1. I was so excited when I first picked up a bottle of this :) It's really a fabulous way of changing up a simple nail polish into something spectacular.