Friday, December 23, 2011

Revlon Carbonite

The fall semester is officially over, yet some of my grades still aren't available. I just got my final back in the class I was most worried about and most thankfully I scraped by with a passing grade! I'm back home with my family which is really nice and relaxing. I sleep in super late most days which is a nice break from my constant schedule of early mornings and late nights during the semester.

I found this little cool puppy in Rite Aid last month, but hadn't tried it out until last week. Carbonite is supposed to be the Revlon equivalent to Chanel's Graphite. It's a silver foil with a grungy, gritty feel to it. (but it dries relatively smooth). Looking at photos of the Chanel online, it's clear that this isn't as great of a copy as Perplex was for Chanel's Paradoxal, but I think it's a good attempt. (By the way, could Revlon get any more obvious with the names?? Doubt it)

I was pretty pleased with this. I tend to avoid Revlon because I dislike the bottle design, but they've been coming out with some great colors lately (Blue Lagoon anyone?) and the formula seems to have improved. This is two coats and Seche Vite top coat. I did have problems with chipping about 5 hours after I did my nails, but it was easy to fix with a touch up and another coat of SV. 

I've become obsessed with Chanel's Morning Rose. I don't think it's available now though, which makes me super depressed. Here's hoping a good substitute comes out some time in the future. I'm usually not a pink person and Morning Rose is the epitome of girly pink to me. It's not too bright, has little gold flecks of glitter, just girly! But I think I'm in love. There's a great photo from Michelle at All Lacquered Up.
It's just gorgeous and I really wish I could get it without spending ridiculous amounts of money.

Are you excited for the holidays, or do you have special plans? I plan on curling up on the couch most days with my family and drinking eggnog until I'm sick :D

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