Friday, December 2, 2011

Sinful Colors San Francisco

I'm in a very foggy headspace today due to the all-nighter I pulled last night. I'm completely smothered under a pile of work and despite all the effort I put into getting things done, I still haven't made a significant dent on my to-do list, which mostly has to do with all the extra assignments that have been added at the last minute. Bah.

On a higher note, I found a few spare minutes to do my nails! Sinful Colors San Francisco

My camera has issues with bright colors like this. It makes the green look much more blue toned than it is, and it actually has more of a yellow base. It was extremely sheer and took about 3-4 coats. Super pretty in the sun, but in normal indoor light it fell flat.
I also had issues with shrinkage at the tips. You can see where the polish started pulling away at the edge of my nail, leaving a green stained tip in its wake. And it stained my nails horribly.  I did like this polish, but I just didn't find it super special. This will be a perfect polish to wear for St. Patrick's Day though!

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