Wednesday, February 15, 2012

butter LONDON Victoriana

Another butter LONDON to show you today!
I bought two over Christmas, Marrow and this one: Victoriana.
 (Warning, this post is very picture-heavy)

I really fell in love with this one. (Can you tell? I couldn't leave any photos out!) The formula was pretty fabulous, not like Marrow which was thick and globby. This was smooth, pigmented, and sparkly without getting gritty.  It photographed more blue than it is in real life. In actuality has a nice green tint in some lights which turn it a murky lagoon color. 

Removal however...was a pain. The glitter was really stubborn and did NOT want to come off. I could have been patient and just let my nails soak under an acetone-dipped cotton ball, but instead I just scrubbed...and scrubbed...and scrubbed. (Probably wasn't good for my nail bed, which is why I've been taking a small break and letting my nails just grow a bit without polish for a week or so :)

In other news I have my first midterms of the semester tomorrow! I get very nervous before and during tests, and I really don't know how to deal with test anxiety. Does anyone have any good tips for handling this? I try to study a lot before exams so that I really know the material, but I still panic during the exam and do poorly :(

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