Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Days

I've been able to organize my schedule better this semester, so I'll be posting every Wednesday at around 12:30pm MT.
Long post today, so bear with me:

We're on the third week of the semester. We have our first exam in Immunology this Friday, which is crazy early. But I feel great. It probably has something to do with the fact that I'm trying to keep myself busy, or that I'm eating 3 solid meals a day, or perhaps! it's because I've been doing an hour of pilates every day. I snagged a workout video from my mom last summer, and I've just gotten around to actually working out with it every day. I take a day or two for a break on the weekends, but it's a goal of mine to work out every school day.

But the cool thing is that even though I told myself it would make me feel better, I really wasn't expecting it to, but it does!! I feel great. I'm way less stressed now, and I'm having much milder mood-swings. I'm not snapping at the Boyfriend near as much, which is huge. And I feel happy. As sad as it is to say, I wasn't happy with anything last semester, I didn't smile as much and didn't laugh often. I try to advocate exercise to my friends and family all the time (I'm a Physiology major) but I'm super hypocritical and didn't really exercise myself. But now that I am, I really understand. So Exercise! It's a great anti-depressant :)

I'm also a big advocate of eating right. I love nutrition, and I wish my university offered a more extensive program on it. So I give you a little bit of food porn:

Pesto with Chicken and white wine

Homemade pasta and chicken, it was delicious! Sorry the presentation isn't great, I'm totally not a food photographer. I used pesto from King Soopers (yeah, not hand-making that. I tried making pesto once, and it was good, but not fab. The lack of a food processor really makes a difference). For the chicken I cooked it on the stovetop with olive oil, oregano, garlic, very little black pepper, salt, and a dash of white wine. It wasn't as great as I had imagined, but it wasn't bad at all. 

Now, with my views on eating, I'm a huge fan of cooking food yourself. I'm not big on making frozen dinners or buying fast food, and do so sparingly. There's just something wholesome about cooking something yourself, smelling the delicious aromas, and then getting to eat it!! But I'm terrible at refusing ice cream and butter and cream, so I'm definitely not the healthiest eater.

Lastly, allow me to introduce you to my betta fish Óðinn. 

Isn't he a handsome devil? He's a petite red betta splendens with a snarky personality, and loves to beg for food. The Boyfriend taught him to jump a week ago, so the fish proceeds to exercise his new found trick frequently, which freaks me out. I opened the tank the other day to feed him and he plopped himself right out of the bowl! I screamed (helpful) and the BF kept his head and put him back in the water. 

I've had him for about 6 months, and he's proved to have quite a large presence for how small he is. I had originally named him Thelonius, for a minor character in Shrek, and it just never stuck. I'm taking a Nordic Mythology course this semester, and the name Óðinn just seemed to fit him. (Pronounced Othinn, which is the Icelandic/Nordic prounonciation of Odin, the god associated with wisdom, war, and battle, but also writing, poetry, and inspiration)

Impertinent Fish Butt

 With that, I leave you for the evening!
What about you guys, do you have pets? If so, what type, how old, etc? Spill!

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