Monday, December 27, 2010

I Need Courage

Non-nail related post today.

I'm very nervous for something coming up in the future. (No, not skydiving. I will never jump out of a plane. Ever). I don't want to say much about it because it's quite personal, but the entire situation has left me quite emotionally drained for over a year. I'm trying to take charge of the matter mostly because I want to find a solution to the pain both parties involved are in, and partly because I want to ease the frustration I've put myself in by keeping quiet for so long.

So I need some courage. I wish I had China Glaze's CC-Courage to put on my nails, but no such luck. I think I might do a repeat of Bermuda Breakaway since I loved it so much (I only brought 4 polishes with me on holiday. I'm finding out this was a BIG mistake.).

Please send me your best wishes! Much love :)

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