Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year

So...apparently it's the start of the Chinese New Year today, which I didn't realize until around 11 last night. Year of the Rabbit!
Ironically enough I had already painted my nails red, which was a funny coincidence, since red symbolizes prosperity and luck in the Chinese culture (all my Chinese should correct me on this lol) and I had chosen red for luck, and didn't make the connection until later lol.

I haven't been to a real Chinese new year celebration for a very long time, and I always enjoyed them. I would have dinner at my good friend's house with her family, and it was always warm, happy, and inviting.

So, red. This is a deviation from the Christmas haul series...which I'm noticing had a lot of blues and greens and not a lot of red tones. I'm not really a red or pink person, but I'm a sucker for an absolute true red.

Sorry about my stained pink fingers,
cleanup was tough on this baby

This is ULTA Red Bows which I think was a Christmas color, like, 5 years ago. I picked it up with my mom once before I got obsessed with nail polish, and only realized it's amazing-ness recently.

This is a red creme, with some pink aftertones from cleanup, but it leans to the middle so well I would call it a true red. This is one of the best polishes I own, aside from Concrete Jungle from RBL. The brush was great and flexible, it levels beautifully, dries in a reasonably short amount of time, and dries to a glossy sheen. This is shown with a top coat, but trust me, there was little difference between the polish and my Seche Vite top coat. I would also consider it to be a one coat wonder.  No weird undertones of pink or orange, it was pigmented perfectly. I put on two coats here because it's habit, but I definitely could have gone with one and you wouldn't know the difference. 

I feel like I can't rave about this more, it's just AWESOME-SAUCE. In a bottle. Major love happening right now. If I were to name a red polish, I would call it Major Love*. And it would be fantastic, but it probably couldn't ever top this one. 

I'm in love. Good luck indeed!!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone :)

*If a red comes out anytime soon and it's named Major Love, I TOTALLY CALLED THAT.


  1. Wini, :)
    I too love red nail polish. In fact, you might have just inspired me to go paint my toenails.

  2. Awesome, that reminds me that my toes need some polish as well!

  3. I used "An Affair in Red Square" By Opi, if you're interested :D