Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Audrey

Here is China Glaze For Audrey. I was pining after this baby for ages after I found out it existed, and was terribly worried I wouldn't ever get my hands on it. But I did! As you can see...

Anyways, this is a lovely robin's egg blue creme. My camera didn't like it at all though :( I think I am going to be in the market for a new camera soon, because mine just refuses to cooperate. It takes ages to focus and can't take a color accurate photo to save it's soul. If it had a soul. It definitely has personality though, I'll give it that. (stupid bugger)

This isn't my best application, I was swatching between classes, so this is super rushed. I've also been super mean to my hands lately, so please disregard their horrible state. The 3rd photo is the most color accurate. It's a lovely dusty Tiffany's blue, not baby blue or bright turquoise. Its really quite subtle in a chic sort of way. The formula was pretty on-par with China Glaze I've come to find, smooth and pigmented. Two coats = perfection.

At the moment though, my nails are totally naked. I'm letting them grow and do their own thing because they're getting super funky. As in, peeling like crazy and looking warped. Either I'm not resting them enough between polishes (do you even need to do that? probably not) not getting enough water, or not getting the right nutrition. My vote is for the last suggestions, as I've been eating crap food lately. My schedule has been thrown out of whack by my own procrastination, and this week it's my goal to get back on track.

For a update on the flooding issue, our house is pretty much back to normal. The gigantic fans are finally gone, and they've replaced the baseboards! The third floor is still chaos though, so maintenance still has a lot of work to do. They're troopers.

So what do you think of For Audrey? I wish my camera was better at capturing color. Anyone have any suggestions for good quality cameras that aren't extremely expensive?

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