Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl? No thanks

Today is the Superbowl! and feigned enthusiasm. I am not a football fan, which is probably why I've never been to a game at my university. :/

Last Thursday the pipes burst in my apartment on the third floor right above us (we're on the second floor). It was insanity. There are massive holes in the ceiling, lakes in the hallways, and insulation everywhere. Apparently we were right under the area where the pipe burst, but surprisingly our apartment wasn't terribly affected.

I came home from classes Thursday afternoon, and was shocked to hear the fire alarms going off, and to see water all over the first floor in the wing I live in. My first thought was someone's fire sprinklers went off, and all our possessions were soaked, which sent me into latent panic mode. I kept walking to my room, and on the way learned that it was a burst pipe instead. When I went into my apartment, I was kind of surprised to see that the main room was relatively dry, except that my bathroom was a lake. We had a good 2 inches of standing water that was soaking through into the carpet, and water coming out of the light fixtures. Not cool!

Maintenance has been in and out of our building all weekend, and we've been encouraged to go to the hotel nearby. The complex I live in is owned by my university, and they've secured the hotel rooms and dining meal cards for all of us until Tuesday morning, which is super nice. Basically maintenance pulled out almost all our baseboards, punched holes in the walls near the floor, and set up gigantic fans everywhere to get the moisture out. Hopefully they'll be able to, because right now the big fear is mold and if they can't get the wet under control, they might have to go in and replace all the dry wall.

I'm pretty sick of the situation right now and just want to get back on track, but getting burnt out is just really not an option right now. And frankly, there is NO time or place to replace my polish. So I leave you with one of my favorite photos of Óðinn, because it's so freaking cute.  When I took this, he was having one of his adorable crazy moments that translate to: FEED ME NOW!

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