Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue You and Candy

I know! I'm sorry! I said I would write once a week and I didn't. Sheesh...onwards!
Concerning the last color I had on, Pink 4, I took it off that next morning :( I just couldn’t stand the color on my skin! I don’t know why, but it brought out the red in my hands or something, and I didn’t want to go the entire day looking at my hands and thinking “ugh”.
Anyways, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween because I can never think of a good costume, and by the time I do think of a good one, Halloween is over. Plus, I always gorge myself on candy and feel disgusting afterwards.
BUT this year was completely different. My roommates and I held a party this year, and I went as…
Yup. Luna Lovegood! If you couldn’t tell, because I; a. do not have long blonde hair and b. do not have Hogwarts robes on. Making this costume last minute consisted of me shopping at Savers and picking up weird clothes that made no sense whatsoever together. I also bought snazzy glasses at the dollar store and punched the lenses out. Like I said, Snazzy.
Yeah, if you couldn’t tell, that’s the Quibbler that I’m reading upside down, I made it myself :D lol
The holiday that I’m always really excited for however is CHRISTMAS. I love it. I love the snow (we haven’t gotten any yet, which is odd for Colorado) I love fireplaces, I love love love! Christmas carols. And don’t get me started on egg nog. I first had it about 2 years ago with my boyfriend, and already the taste reminds me of winter.  The King Soopers down the road has already started to sell it, but I won’t buy it till after Thanksgiving.
Onto the polish.
The last time I went grocery shopping I went down the makeup aisle, which is never a good idea, and ended up leaving with two CoverGirl polishes, Blue You and Bronze Beauty. I put on Blue You for Halloween, and ended up nicking some of the nails, but it still ended up looking pretty good.
I’m showing this about 5 days after I put it on, and all I saw was tip wear. But the color! Its gorgeous, don’t you think? The formula was decent, a little thick, but its manageable. The brush drove me nuts though. Not flexible at all and I hated it. If you’re careful (I wasn’t) you can get away without any brush strokes (I didn’t).
When I went to take this off however, it did the weirdest thing, it gooped at the end of my fingers like a big stringy mess, which I’ve never had a polish do before. But I loved the color, so I can put up with the crappy brush and not entirely fabulous formula.
Rescue Beauty Lounge had a 50% off sale last Monday! Did anyone take advantage of the sale and buy anything? I did, I was able to snag up a Concrete Jungle (something I was lemming after something fierce) before it sold out. I’ll show it too you soon ;) Promise, cross my heart and kiss my elbow!
I’m off to study Statistics, which is the most horrible subject ever created, but if I pass I’ll never have to take it again so I NEED to pass! Laterzz

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