Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Testing out Urban Outfitters Pink4

Hello again! I wasn’t expecting to write so soon, but I wanted to do my nails and I wanted to show you.
A few weeks ago I went to the Urban Outfitters in town with a friend, which is normally a little pricey for me, but as my girlfriend K went to the cashier, I noticed a table of polish that i couldn’t pass up. My eyes first found a gorgeous sea foam color that I wanted, but I ended up buying a darker berry and my first nude, which I’ll have to swatch for you later.
So let me present Pink 4!
The formula was a little thick for me, but very pigmented, and it flowed relatively well on the nail. Someone with a steadier hand than me could have gotten away with 1 coat, but I had to go with two since my hands are shaky. I also like the bottle design, but the square top makes it a little hard to hold. The picture doesn’t really do the color justice at all, it’s a much deeper berry in person. I need to work on my camera skills.
I’m not sure I’m fond of the color though. Its gorgeous, but is a little dark for my hands. I also tried this on my toes as well with the same results. Maybe I’m just stuck in Spring; I want bright vibrant colors to offset the gloomy fall that seems to have hit the Denver area. (Wind gusts reached up to about 50 miles an hour today…not fun)
I also feel like it needs a classier name than “pink 4″. I mean, how boring! This is a glamorous color! It needs a name like, Katherine, or something. (I’m thinking of Katherine Hepburn, such a classy lady).
In other news, I was super productive today, and registered for Spring classes. I’m signed up for a Norse mythology course, nothing whatsoever to do with my physiology major, but I needed one of those pesky core requirements and as geeky as it sounds, I love me some mythology. I was obsessed with Egyptian and Greek mythology in elementary school.  And now I’m exhausted, and have stayed up way later than intended, especially with work at 8AM tomorrow morning. Gah say it ain’t so!

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