Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Welcome to my blog!
I recently moved from Wordpress to blogspot...don't ask me why, i just did. So, I'm reposting the first few posts from that blog to here:
My nails are, sadly, quite bare. Not the way to start a blog about nails!
(Although it does give a rather “clean slate” feel to it.)
bare nails
my crappy, bare, unclean nails with terrible cuticles
Also note, this was taken with a pretty bad quality camera phone…don’t judge

In other news, I have one physics assignment to finish, one test to study for, and a registration list to create. I register for Spring Semester classes tomorrow! Ahhh stress. And it’s only 8:30pm Denver time, woooo I’m in trouble.
Also, I wanted to state some “blog goals” if you will, so that if I ever need to refocus myself, I can remember where I was starting:
  • To post at least once a week, hopefully more!
  • Take my camera everywhere I go to take pictures so I actually have something to blog about!
  • To improve my collection, and to find those elusive colours I wasn’t expecting to love.
  • That I will actually change my nail polish! I want to be swatching at least once a week. I’m not one to leave a colour on my nails once its starts chipping, (get out the acetone! the swabs! quickly!!) but once I take it off, I leave them bare for a day or two out of laziness, and also out of fear I’ll be damaging my nails if I do it more often. I have very strong nails. They rarely chip, peel, or break, and I want to keep it that way.
So for now, goodnight, I’m going to finish my homework like the good student I am (ha!)

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