Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ok, wow.
Just put up 3 of the posts from the old blog, and we have officially moved house!. Why did I change? I think I've asked this before. Wordpress was just a little hard for me to use, and this is a lot less messy somehow.

Anyways, my nails are currently bare, so I don't have anything "current" to show you, but I do have some old polishes that I photographed. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

L.A. Colors Magnetic Force.  So fun. My boyfriend complemented me on this color, which really surprised me, since I thought it was a crazy polish that I put on for fun. (plus, we were studying magnets in Physics at the time) I found this at a Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar. Awesome. Win.

Revlon Steel Her Heart. Crappy application. I got bubbles. MAD bubbles. I was really hoping to like this polish, so I think I hvae to give it another try. Maybe if I slow it down the formula will work with me...

See what I mean? MAD BUBBLES. Nasty. It looks like my thumb has warts.

This, THIS is what I was so excited about. I bought 3 China Glazes about 2 weeks ago, and REALLY wanted this color. I bought it as a consolation for not getting Dead Calm from Rescue Beauty Lounge during their sale. :C Super sad face.
But, I'm ridiculously happy I bought this one, Bermuda Breakaway, I loved it. Love love LOVE love love. It went on beautifully, and stayed beautiful. I hated taking it off.

It is now 1:42 pm and I'm STILL dressed. ACK. Yay for Christmas holdiay :) See ya!

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