Friday, March 11, 2011

The Jungle Look

Two posts in one week! I'm on a roll here.

I replaced Sweetheart Pink with another polish from ULTA. The Jungle Look, which can be described as chalkboard green. There isn't a lot of depth to this color and it looked flat whenever I would glance down at my hands. This photograph is from a few days after application and you can see some tip wear and I should have touched up my top coat, which is probably why it looks flat.  However, I really did like it.

The polish flowed relatively well, and application was a breeze in two easy coats, which is what I've come to find with most of the polishes I've tried. However there is a particular Revlon color that requires 4 coats, and will remain nameless for it's own protection.

Random question, have you ever tried oolong tea? No? Well get yourself to your grocery store or local asian foods market and buy yourself some, and none of that pansy fake oolong. Buy the authentic, real oolong; you won't be disappointed. Seriously, I can't advertise this tea enough. I'm practically living on it right now, which is bad because the (small!!) box costs $5.99 at King Soopers and I'm almost out already. I'm not sure as to the caffeine content since the label is in Chinese, but I'd assume it has some. So if that's something you look out for, I'd take note of that.

P.S. That Revlon I mentioned? I'm being a total jerk about it. It says "Sheer" on the bottle, so I shouldn't be surprised that it took four coats until it was opaque.

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