Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweetheart Pink

As I may or may not have said in my last post, me and the BF had tickets to the Colorado Ballet's performance of Romeo and Juliet. And may I say, it was absolutely beautiful. The dancers were phenomenal, and Juliet's dancing was perfect. Tybalt was probably my favorite character, just because he was so antagonizing. The BF and I didn't eat before the performance though, which was a huge mistake. The intermissions (there were 2) were ridiculously long, and I found myself focusing less on the ballet and more on my shriveled stomach. I said I bought a cute LBD and pumps for the occasion, and here they are!

Just disregard the crooked pictures on the back wall, and my ridiculously messy room.

But on to the polish:
I put ULTA's Sweetheart Pink on my tips for the ballet (which in hindsight, wasn't a great idea because I REALLY wanted to put Essie's Sag Harbor on instead.) And here she is.

Please excuse my ravaged fingers, the weather all of a sudden got crappy these past few days, and my cuticles are suffering.

This is a lovely bubblegum/coral pink. The formula was nice, and I haven't had any major chipping since I put it on Saturday night. I'm not super happy about it though, and would much rather see it on my toenails than my fingers. I think I'm going to take it off tonight and replace it with another ULTA or maybe an Essie (wink wink!) It doesn't look bad on my hands though:

It actually looks fine, I'm just not a huge fan of pink. What do you think?

So, tomorrow is the start of Lent, and I haven't thought about what to give up at all. I considered giving up nail polish, but this blog would suffer marvelously. Plus, I'm not buying huge amounts of polish anyways, ever since the BF forbade me to buy anymore until I tried out the new ones I already had. But this was a fantastic idea of his, so I'm not sore about it.

So maybe I should give up a habit, or behavior instead, like my impressive procrastination. We'll see. I'll think about it tonight as I'm splurging on Fat Tuesday.

P.S. Is there some sort of addictive substance that those cheeky Girl Scouts add to their cookies? I ate 2/3rds of a box of Carmel Delights (or Samoas) within a day of buying it. Woops.

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