Friday, March 25, 2011

Why hello there...

Well, here's my sorry butt pulling up a new post on my computer because I feel a tad guilty not writing anything for quite a while. It's spring break! But it's almost over   :-( I've had a fabulous time hanging out with my family though, its nice to relax and be completely spoiled by your parents.

Unfortunately i don't have a polish to show you! I haven't put anything on since I took CH off at the beginning of this week, but soon I will have a haul from ULTA to flaunt, I just need to take the photos. (pst...thanks mom :-) I also haven't done any homework either, which may be bad news bears. I think tomorrow I'll have to pull out the books and force myself to read Immunology. Yay for cytotoxic T-cells! (no really, they can save your life!).

Enough science geekery. Here's a photo of the flowers the BF got me for Valentine's Day:

Aren't they lovely? They lasted forever and brightened up my day like you would not believe. 

One closing question, do people think it's OK to not use turn signals anymore? When did that stop being necessary? The Answer: NEVER. You should always use your turn signals, even if you're just changing lanes!

Sorry for the rant, there are stupid people on the roads sometimes, and they make me grouchy. Maybe I should stop letting other people's actions control my emotions...hmmm. Food for thought. 

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