Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sag Harbor

I feel like I need to give ample warning and a sincere apology for the state of my cuticles/nails. I did a crummy job this time around on my manicure, and it looks awful. I didn't realize how bad it was until I looked at the photos on my computer, and my first reaction was "EWW". I'm slathering on cuticle cream as I write this in a vain attempt to moisturize.

So, I apologize for the haggard pictures. When I get stressed, I tend to pick at my cuticles, often until they bleed. Which is horrible. And it hurts! I can't figure out how to stop doing it. Any thoughts or advice?

Anyways, may I present Essie's lovely lady, Sag Harbor.

This is the prettiest, dusty powder blue that I have ever seen. There is a very light shimmer that's not entirely noticeable until you get into the sun, but unfortunately the sky was funky today and I didn't get any sun in my apartment at all while I was there. I think it gives me a slight case of lobster hands, but I do not care. Not a little bit. My roommate commented that it reminded her of Easter, but it makes me think of the dusty blue that the sky gets when it starts to mist. Lovely.

It's also the exact shade of one of the BF's t-shirts, which I just noticed today. We were chatting and I looked at my hands, then at his shirt, and put my nails up against his arm and said "My nails match your shirt!! Isn't that cool?! Wow!"

He wasn't as excited about this as I was, haha. He was also confused about the name, but Sag Harbor is a place in New York (here), it doesn't have anything to do with sagging....haha.

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