Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fame is for the Famous

It's Thursday! Which means, only one more day to the weekend :D
I've been searching for a replacement for my favorite nude/beige poilsh, which is an Urban Outfitters polish called Nude 4. Essence Walk of Fame was (I thought) going to be a good replacement. Sadly, I was wrong.

I haven't posted Nude 4 yet, but it looks nothing like Walk of Fame.

This is an almost cement meets purple meets grunge color. It was definitely interesting, but to be honest I really hated it on me. It brought out the brown undertones in my knuckles so my hands almost always looked dirty, like I had been gardening or playing in the dirt. I couldn't wait to get it off, so I started peeling it off the polish in chunks...which was not a pretty look.

It was the BF's 21st birthday last night, so we went to this grungy bar near my apartment and had the most delicious burgers and beer. I wish I had gotten pictures :( I need to start bringing my camera with me places. He was so hungry that when I set the burgers down and sat down across from him, I looked up and he had eaten half of his burger in one bite hahaha.

Its a beautiful day outside :) Get out and enjoy the sunshine!

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