Friday, July 8, 2011

CQ Slate

This is CQ Cosmetics Slate. This is one of those cheap drugstore finds I told you about awhile ago. I decided to wear it when my roommates went to the bar a few weeks ago, so this was a very last minute manicure and I didn't get photos until the next day.

A super pretty teal that is extremely dark and very pigmented. I LOVE the color! Unfortunately, this wore horribly, it flooded my cuticles and gave me smurf hands when I tried to remove it even though I was careful. And when I say it wore horribly, I mean it was god-awful. I had a huge chip come off when I was getting breakfast the next morning. LAME.

It is ridiculously hot outside right now, which is why I'm very glad to be inside my air conditioned office most of the time. It's so hot and humid that my hair is doing this stupid frizzy thing, and I was so desperate for a hair tie that I had to resort to using a rubber band and bobby pin, and I really hate using rubber bands in my hair :(

So it's Friday! Do you all have special plans?

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