Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revlon Emerald City

Today's nail post is over Revlon's Emerald City. The bottle says "Matte Suede" but don't believe it. There isn't anything matte about it. I didn't get a picture of it dry without a top coat because I just couldn't stand looking at it. When it dried it almost looked like leather. Not glossy or matte, just a weird in-between that I wasn't fond of. so I put a coat of Seche Vite on top and voila! This is one beautiful polish.

In the bottle it looks almost blue-green, but on the nail it changes in the light. As I'm typing I'm sitting in low light shade, and it looks like a deep emerald, but if I get out in the sun, it turns into a glowy-green fire. The first day I wore this I thought, "Hmm, this is awfully pretty and I never wear green!". After the 4th day, I've decided that this is one of my absolute favorites. I really don't want to take it off.

WARNING: Photo of spider below!

Friday afternoon I was sitting in my room and I look out the window and see this little guy has made a web right on my window pane. I am completely freaked out by spiders, but this one didn't bother me that much. I wanted to name him Herbert, but the BF nicknamed him "Fang" and now that's stuck hahaha. He seems rather peaceful. 

Right now I'm on a plane travelling to Ohio, where my extended family lives. I'm very excited to see them again, and it's always a lot of fun so I'll try to take a lot of photos :) Of course I'm auto-posting this entry, so I'm technically writing this the day before! Have a great Tuesday everyone :)

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