Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Orly - Androgynie

Hey everyone!! I hope you are all having a great day so far!

I'm getting really excited because this Saturday I'm flying to Ohio to visit my extended family for two weeks! I haven't seen them in over a year now, so I'm very eager to start my trip. I'm a little nervous though because I've never flown by myself. I've flown with my parents and with Craig before, but this will be my first solo trip (for the first leg anyways). I'm also packing extremely light, which I'm finding is a much more stressful situation than I had initially thought.

For trips, I normally pack more than I need (who doesn't?). But this time around I'm experimenting with taking only the essentials, and it is so difficult. "Do I need this skirt? Probably not, you almost never wear skirts. But what if we go somewhere fancy and I need a skirt?! Hmm, maybe a dress would be better. How many dresses should I take? If I only take one I might get spaghetti stains on it, and then I won't be able to wear it at all!"


Seriously, who worries about spaghetti stains?
When you live with a large Italian family, you make these things a priority.

In other news, I'm currently wearing Orly's Androgynie, a black jelly with gold glitter and large multi-colored hexagonal shaped glitter. Please excuse the baby nails:

This polish is so pretty. I went through a goth phase in my teen years and my mother forbade me from leaving the house with black nail polish, but I rebelled furiously. Ever since, I've tended to avoid black on my nails because I know she hates it, but every once and a while I'll pick out a shockingly dark color and feel super chic. This was one of those times.

Black polish just doesn't carry the same stigma as it used to. Look at the runway and designers, and you'll see black nails peppered all over. For goodness sake, Chanel released a black polish years ago.

Concerning Androgynie, this is a really pretty polish, but I'll have to admit I was slightly disappointed at first. Do you see the amount of hexagonal glitter on the side of the bottle?! I was so hoping that it would translate to the nail, but the glitter seems to get a little lost in the black base. I have found that you can get a much better effect if you use a flat black polish first, and then one coat of Androgynie. This allows the gold glitter to stand out, and the hexagons aren't buried. However, this eliminates the jellyish nature of the polish, so you'll have to decide which effect you want to go for. 

Sheesh, long post! That's all for now guys, see you on Friday!

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